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GENERAL INFORMATION In accordance with Art. 5 , p. 5 and Art. 7 , p. 1 of the National Classification of Activities ( NN 98/94 )

Company: VISTA SOL D.O.O. 

Address: Veliko brdo 113
HR-21300 Makarska

Contact: Tel: +385 21 553 077

Registry Information: Limited activity. rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles 
Designation: 92
Designation class: 7711
Registration number of the business entity:  4344260
National identification number: 35244550674

By using this website, you accept and comply with the conditions published on this website. For this reason VISTA SOL d.o.o. ( later in text: “VISTA” RENT A CAR ) recommends that users read the Terms each time they use the services on this website.

The user who books a rental car via our website is subject to our Terms with VISTA SOL d.o.o. retaining the right to replace, complete or modify this legal notice. Therefore, the user must carefully read the General Conditions before applying these services.

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“VISTA” RENT A CAR reserves the right to cancel or deny access, without previous notice, if we believe that User is in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions and will execute legal action fitting the violation.

Changes to this Web site
Without previous notice, “VISTA” RENT A CAR may, at any moment, make improvements or changes to the information, services, products and other materials on this website, also in the present Legal Notice.

“VISTA” RENT A CAR  may, without prior notice, reserve the right to terminate access to the website, as well as any other services presented on this website due to technical problems, safety, security breach, maintenance of electrical defects or any other problems. These interruptions can be time-limited or permanent.
As a result, "VISTA" RENT A CAR does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the website.

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"VISTA" RENT A CAR will not be responsible for the information contained in the web pages of third parties on which User can access from links or search engines located on this website, because their function is to inform the User about the existence of other sources of information offered on the this website and in no case whatsoever does not presuppose a proposal, invitation or recommendation of the same. For this reason "VISTA" RENT A CAR shall not be liable for the results obtained at the said links or search engine.

Limitation of Liability
“VISTA” RENT A CAR will not be held responsible in the event of service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunction in general or any other inconveniences, due to fraudulent action by fault of User and/or for circumstances beyond the control of “VISTA” RENT A CAR, not withstanding the established in article 1.105 of the Civil Code, in addition and to the effects of the present general conditions, such as failure of third party operators or service companies, Governmental acts, lack of access to third party networks, omission by means of public authorities produced by natural causes, blackouts, hacker or specialized third party security or integrity to the IT system, provided that “VISTA” RENT A CAR has adopted all the existing measures of safety in agreement with technology conditions. Whatever be the reason and in measure allowed by the applicable Legislation “VISTA” RENT A CAR will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss resulting from loss of profit. “VISTA” RENT A CAR has the right to, without indemnifications to User for these concepts, suspend temporarily the present Web site for maintenance, repairing or improvement.

Disclaimer of Warranty
“VISTA” RENT A CAR is not held responsible for the veracity, accuracy or quality of the present website. All information, services and material provided “as is” or “are available” without warranty of any kind. For that reason the User should verify the information contained in the present website by contacting us first.

The user will be held responsible for damages of any nature that „VISTA" RENT A CAR may endure related to User breach of these Terms and Conditions or obligations to this Legal Notice.

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